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Tag : Night Sky

To The Stars

This year has been odd in regard to weather, it was hot and dry most of the time with perfect clear skies. For my landscape photography it was a disaster: No clouds to go with a sunrise/sunset or to give detail to an otherwise boring sky, no waterfalls or flowing water to shoot and, to add insult to injury, no fresh greens but dead yellowish/brownish tones everywhere. What do you do? Well, you rethink your options and then take advantage […]

Photographing the Milky Way

Landscape photography is all about light, the golden light of a sunrise or sunset, diffused light, harsh light etc. But what if there’s hardly any light at all? Can you shoot a landscape at night? Why would you even want to try? And if so, how would you go about it? Those are the questions I’d like to address in this post. You’ll see that night sky photography isn’t as hard as you might imagine and is a fantastic alternative […]

Photographing a lunar eclipse

Night sky photography isn’t exactly my field of expertise and I only looked into taking pictures of the moon, the milky way and the stars because currently there’s next to nothing I could photograph around here. The ongoing drought has had a huge impact on nature and it’s a hopeless case trying to find interesting subjects. The weather forecast predicts more of the same. So I turned my attention to the night sky for the time being, because the sun […]