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Tag : Lake District

Photographing the Milky Way

Landscape photography is all about light, the golden light of a sunrise or sunset, diffused light, harsh light etc. But what if there’s hardly any light at all? Can you shoot a landscape at night? Why would you even want to try? And if so, how would you go about it? Those are the questions I’d like to address in this post. You’ll see that night sky photography isn’t as hard as you might imagine and is a fantastic alternative […]

Composition: From Chaos to Order

Most hobbyists get the technical side of photography right eventually, but many seem to struggle with composition for a long time. The reason for that is, that there’s no recipe or workflow for good composition that would work in any given situation. There are so many rules for good composition and it can sometimes be hard to see which particular rules apply to the scene in front of your camera. And sometimes even though you tried to apply some of […]

Loughrigg Fell

One of the easier targets in the Lake District was Loughrigg Fell. If you’re staying in Ambleside, you don’t even need a car as it’s a 6 mile walk only. We stayed at a BnB in Windermere, so we first had to drive up to Ambleside and then find somewhere to park the car. If all else fails, just go with a “Pay & Display” parking lot and save yourself the hassle as we did; Ambleside can be quite busy. […]

The Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria, UK had long been on my list of places to go to and shoot in. So I asked a friend of mine if he’d be interested to go and we struck a deal; I’d organize the whole trip and he’d do the driving. On a Saturday morning in early June we got on a plane and were on our way to the Lakes. We stayed at a BnB in Windermere which, in hindsight, wasn’t ideal […]