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To The Stars

This year has been odd in regard to weather, it was hot and dry most of the time with perfect clear skies. For my landscape photography it was a disaster: No clouds to go with a sunrise/sunset or to give detail to an otherwise boring sky, no waterfalls or flowing water to shoot and, to add insult to injury, no fresh greens but dead yellowish/brownish tones everywhere. What do you do? Well, you rethink your options and then take advantage […]

On Light

If there’s one thing serious photographers are obsessed with it’s light. Of course, if there is no light you can’t take a photograph, so there you go. But it’s not as simple as that: There is good light and bad light, but why? What is it that makes light good or bad? We’ve all been there, it’s Friday, we have the whole weekend ahead of us and after having breakfast we grab our gear and make for a familiar location […]

986 Photographs = 32 Seconds Of Video

They say that you should visit the same location at different times of the day and year, and I certainly have been to the Externsteine a gazillion times already. There’s a simple reason for that: It doesn’t take much time to get there and I have 2-3 compositions that definitely work. If there are signs of a dramatic sky in the evening I get in the car and know I will be there in time to take the picture. Still, […]

Photographing the Milky Way

Landscape photography is all about light, the golden light of a sunrise or sunset, diffused light, harsh light etc. But what if there’s hardly any light at all? Can you shoot a landscape at night? Why would you even want to try? And if so, how would you go about it? Those are the questions I’d like to address in this post. You’ll see that night sky photography isn’t as hard as you might imagine and is a fantastic alternative […]

Photographing a lunar eclipse

Night sky photography isn’t exactly my field of expertise and I only looked into taking pictures of the moon, the milky way and the stars because currently there’s next to nothing I could photograph around here. The ongoing drought has had a huge impact on nature and it’s a hopeless case trying to find interesting subjects. The weather forecast predicts more of the same. So I turned my attention to the night sky for the time being, because the sun […]

Your histogram is lying

The histogram is our most reliable tool when it comes to proper exposure, we watch it closely on live view, expose to the right (ETTR) like they told us to, because there is noise hiding in the shadows etc. Now what if I told you that histogram is (sometimes) lying to you and you’re actually overexposing without even noticing? I mentioned this on Chris Sale’s YouTube feed and it seems it isn’t just me who’s noticed this seemingly odd behaviour. […]

Composition: The Creative Side (Part 1)

When I picked up photography again about 3 years ago I thought I could just continue where I left off around the turn of the millennium. I had a record of taking casual photographs for around 20 years with all sorts of cameras and felt confident I knew it all or it would come back to me in a very short amount of time. In hindsight, I’m shocked at what little I knew about actual photography then, because photography isn’t […]

Composition: From Chaos to Order

Most hobbyists get the technical side of photography right eventually, but many seem to struggle with composition for a long time. The reason for that is, that there’s no recipe or workflow for good composition that would work in any given situation. There are so many rules for good composition and it can sometimes be hard to see which particular rules apply to the scene in front of your camera. And sometimes even though you tried to apply some of […]

Loughrigg Fell

One of the easier targets in the Lake District was Loughrigg Fell. If you’re staying in Ambleside, you don’t even need a car as it’s a 6 mile walk only. We stayed at a BnB in Windermere, so we first had to drive up to Ambleside and then find somewhere to park the car. If all else fails, just go with a “Pay & Display” parking lot and save yourself the hassle as we did; Ambleside can be quite busy. […]

The Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria, UK had long been on my list of places to go to and shoot in. So I asked a friend of mine if he’d be interested to go and we struck a deal; I’d organize the whole trip and he’d do the driving. On a Saturday morning in early June we got on a plane and were on our way to the Lakes. We stayed at a BnB in Windermere which, in hindsight, wasn’t ideal […]

Venture Into Vlogging

As you may already know, I’m going to visit the Lake District in Cumbria, UK in the first half of June this year. The ‘Lakes’, as they are called, are a treasure trove for any serious landscape photographer and I’m really looking forward to seeing this national park with my own eyes. To make the most of this stay, I have decided to record video with a drone as well, and that for me raised the question of whether or […]

Don’t blame it on the landscape

I met a fellow photographer in a Facebook group the other day who was complaining about the place she lives in to be completely flat. To prove her point she presented a picture she had taken, showing a snowy (flat) landscape with some bare trees scattered across the frame (she was complaining about the snow, too). The picture looked bland and boring and to be perfectly honest, if I had taken that image I would have deleted it in camera […]