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When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown.

2019 – Taking it up a notch

New Year’s resolutions – I can’t stand them. How many times have people made those resolutions only to abandon them a couple of weeks later. That doesn’t keep them from trying again, only to fail once more. So I don’t make any to start with. If I think I need to improve in one area or another, stop or start doing something I’ll start right then and there. What’s the point in waiting for January 1st to make that decision? […]

Going The Extra Mile

Digital photography makes it easy to take dozens of pictures in a very short amount of time, which in many cases is a blessing, but can turn out to be a curse, too. Back in the days of film things were different, there were 36 exposures in a roll of film and that was it. You had to think harder whether or not a picture was worth taking and even after you had pressed the shutter button you couldn’t check […]

To The Stars

This year has been odd in regard to weather, it was hot and dry most of the time with perfect clear skies. For my landscape photography it was a disaster: No clouds to go with a sunrise/sunset or to give detail to an otherwise boring sky, no waterfalls or flowing water to shoot and, to add insult to injury, no fresh greens but dead yellowish/brownish tones everywhere. What do you do? Well, you rethink your options and then take advantage […]

On Light

If there’s one thing serious photographers are obsessed with it’s light. Of course, if there is no light you can’t take a photograph, so there you go. But it’s not as simple as that: There is good light and bad light, but why? What is it that makes light good or bad? We’ve all been there, it’s Friday, we have the whole weekend ahead of us and after having breakfast we grab our gear and make for a familiar location […]

986 Photographs = 32 Seconds Of Video

They say that you should visit the same location at different times of the day and year, and I certainly have been to the Externsteine a gazillion times already. There’s a simple reason for that: It doesn’t take much time to get there and I have 2-3 compositions that definitely work. If there are signs of a dramatic sky in the evening I get in the car and know I will be there in time to take the picture. Still, […]