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Widen your horizon

Photography is a vast topic. There’s astro photography, food photography, product photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography… and the list goes on. Of course, you can specialize in a single field, completely ignoring any other type of photography and from what I’ve seen, many landscape photographers do exactly that.

I used to be like that till the fateful day I pointed my telephoto zoom at the night sky and took a picture of Andromeda. I was hooked so badly I got myself a telescope and since have sunk the majority of my spare time into learning the dark art (see what I did there?) of deep sky imaging.

Deep sky (DS) imaging is a numbers game and very technical, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as there is very little light to be had and it’s paramount to have a good understanding of how your camera’s sensor performs at the low end of the histogram. In DS imaging you’ll get to the bottom of what a RAW file really is, why your sensor has a color filter array (CFA) and why a RAW image straight out of camera is soft and requires pre-sharpening. Besides, you’ll get some stunning images.

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