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2019 – Taking it up a notch

New Year’s resolutions – I can’t stand them. How many times have people made those resolutions only to abandon them a couple of weeks later. That doesn’t keep them from trying again, only to fail once more. So I don’t make any to start with. If I think I need to improve in one area or another, stop or start doing something I’ll start right then and there. What’s the point in waiting for January 1st to make that decision? Procrastination in my humble opinion.

Having said that, I’m going to try to take it up a notch in 2019, but not because it’s New Year’s Day – I made that decision back in November already when I got a telescope to add Deep Sky Photography to my skill set. Since that time the sky has been overcast 95% of the time and I kid you not. I call it “The Truman Show”.

Truman trying to escape by car

With the weather slowly turning back to normal (at least for the time being) it’s time to shoot landscapes again. I have a gut feeling that summer 2019 will be just like the previous – if not worse so I’ll take that into consideration when making plans for my next holiday. The idea is to return to the northwest of the UK (think Lake District), but if the weather should take a turn for the worse there’s also Scotland and, as a last resort, Iceland. 

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