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Going The Extra Mile

There was one more problem to tackle, however: There were 10 times more cars coming from the top of the frame than there were cars going in the opposite direction – I was short of tail lights and at the same time the head lights threatened to blow out in one large white blob. The solution was to put my hand in front of the lens if there were only head lights but no tail lights. When tail lights were entering the scene I put my hand down and back up as soon as they had left the frame.

The Extra Mile

So I ended up with a single frame, everything was done in camera and in theory, I could have published the image as-is, no Lightroom, no Photoshop.  There was nothing else I could have done on site to get it any better than this. It was that good.

But that’s not how I roll, so I edited the picture just the same to get rid of those imperfections that I didn’t have any control over: I reduced the noise by applying median stacking and I retouched the light trails where they crossed each other or stood out too much.

So next time you’re wondering what to shoot, why not pick one of your favorite pictures and try to shoot an even better picture?

2 thoughts on Going The Extra Mile

  1. nice job Thorsten this does get me thinking about the fact that i need to stop relying on PS to get the job done. Just get it right in the first place…in camera!

  2. Thanks Joseph! If there’s anything you can do in camera you should, because Photoshop may get close but you hardly ever get exactly what you intended, there’s almost always a compromise to make and that can quickly turn into a mess if there’s different issues you need to address.

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