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To The Stars

I got around 40 usable shots before I ran into another technical problem on the mount again and had to call it off for the night. The clock read 4am already and I hadn’t got a single minute of sleep yet. Those 40 frames had cost me 3 nights of tinkering in the dark with temperatures around 0°C – the telescope tube and the laptop had actually frozen over by that time, just to give you an idea.

I stacked these frames in Deep Sky Stacker (DSS), applied some post processing and was well rewarded with my most beautiful deep sky image to date. In 2 years’ time I’ll probably laugh about it, but for now it’s just awesome to look at.

Does that mean I’ve given up on landscape photography? Not by a long shot! What it means is that now I got another option to go to when skies are clear for weeks. Besides, there’s little landscape to be had in night time anyway and vice versa, so neither will get in the way of the other. Relax.

Good times coming.

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