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Photographing the Milky Way

Timelapse Video

Last time I photographed the Milky Way I had some clouds in the sky, so I decided to shoot a timelapse video. The fake sunset illuminated the clouds and added some drama. This video is quite short, but keep in mind that every single frame took 30 seconds to record.

2 thoughts on Photographing the Milky Way

  1. Astro photography is something that I would like to try in the future. It’s probably something that goes hand in hand with wild camping (which isn’t something I would like to try in the future if I am honest). This is a fantastic article covering everything you need to know to get you started. Nice one mate.

    • Thanks Chris! I haven’t done any wild camping yet, but wouldn’t mind, actually (Iceland anyone?) Regarding night sky photography, there’s this moment of suspense before the image appears on the rear display, because you have to compose the shot in your mind – it’s pitch dark after all! You can’t even focus…

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