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Photographing a lunar eclipse


So would I say this was a successful shoot? I’m on the fence about that. The result has a certain appeal, a “coolness factor” if you will. However, it doesn’t meet my standards from a technical point of view. I have blurred elements in the scene (tree to the right) and the moon shows blown out lights where it leaves Earth’s shadow. Were I to shoot this same composition again I would make sure I have moving trees covered from the start (I actually had enough time on my hands, so this was a stupid mistake to make) and I would probably bracket the moon the instant it catches sunlight again. Anyway, that’s how we learn, by making mistakes.

2 thoughts on Photographing a lunar eclipse

  1. Hi Thorsten, I have to say I love the shot – very creative. The blown out highlights in the moon don’t bother me one bit. I actually quite like them, I think they add to the story and helps to show off just how dark the moon was when it was ‘eclipsed’. Sometimes we can get a little too bogged down in the technical stuff.

    • Thanks Chris, glad you like it! The reason why these technical ‘defects’ bother me is that they go against the style I’m aiming for. A while ago, when I was still excited about 500px, I bookmarked a few dozen pictures that ticked all the right boxes for me (see here). I then examined these pictures looking for common elements/techniques and strife to use these in my own pictures as well. In that light the lunar eclipse image is ‘a nice try’ on my scale. If the weather plays along, I’ll try to take a shot of the Milky Way on Sunday night, still need to scout the location though (need a place rated 3 on the Bortle scale at most, I tried one rated 4 a couple of weeks back but that one was a struggle because of the light pollution).

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