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Composition: From Chaos to Order

You might have seen continuation at work in pictures with people looking at something that is outside the frame or in pictures showing moving objects. The human brain will fill in the blanks, given there is enough “breathing space” between the subject and the edge of the frame. To emphasize the effect in my image even more I added some graduated fog.

And there you have it. A decent composition out of a messy picture.

I also made a video on this topic, where I go into a little bit more detail. Check it out and if you like it, please subscribe.

I’m thinking of making a whole series of blog posts and videos on composition, because I do think there isn’t much straightforward information on this topic available on YouTube. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on Composition: From Chaos to Order

    • Indeed it is. The key to composition is that we “see” with our brains instead of with our eyes and the human brain is constantly looking for patterns and other clues, such as size, colour, contrast, sharpness etc.

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