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The Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria, UK had long been on my list of places to go to and shoot in. So I asked a friend of mine if he’d be interested to go and we struck a deal; I’d organize the whole trip and he’d do the driving. On a Saturday morning in early June we got on a plane and were on our way to the Lakes.

We stayed at a BnB in Windermere which, in hindsight, wasn’t ideal because in the following days we always had to drive north first anyway to get to the locations I had picked for shooting, so Ambleside would have been a wiser choice.

That wasn’t a big deal though, but driving on the narrow roads certainly was (mountain passes in particular). We had some scary encounters on these narrow, winding roads and even witnessed 2 heavy accidents during our stay there, one involving a motorcycle. Just because you’re driving carefully doesn’t mean cars in the other lane would do the same and stay on their side of the road or, heaven forbid, slow down.

Being very fond of shooting water in every shape or form I was keen on going to places that featured waterfalls, but that didn’t work out at all.

If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

We waited for 10 days. It didn’t rain once.

So what’s to complain about? Well, the waterfalls had all dried up, the shorelines of the tarns and lakes had receded (e.g. lone trees were outside the water etc.) and the sky was as clear as can be. We even got a sunburn hiking up Haystacks. Go figure!

So I returned with just a handful of pictures worth sharing, but it had still been worth it. The Lake District is everything fellow photographers claim it to be, the views are breathtaking, even with clear blue skies and it’s a fantastic place to be in.

Plans for another visit to the Lakes are in the making already, but this time around I’ll go alone and pick a BnB close to my shooting location, so I won’t need a car. I’m thinking late October, but we’ll see about that.

For a quick peek at the Lake District, check out my short video on Instagram.

2 thoughts on The Lake District

  1. Oh Thorsten, you must be the unluckiest photographer I know. I literally can’t think of anyone else who has made the trip here only to have to endure such fine weather. We have never known a summer like it, it will become the stuff of legend. It just means that you’ll have to come back – I look forward to hanging out with you when you do.

    • Indeed, I can’t remember any summer being anywhere near as long and hot (read: dry) as this one. But I’ll be back for sure, I haven’t been able to cross any waterfall off my list, so there you go. The prospect of hanging out with like minded photographers makes me looking forward to returning to the Lakes even more – we have a deal 😀

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