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Don’t blame it on the landscape

I met a fellow photographer in a Facebook group the other day who was complaining about the place she lives in to be completely flat. To prove her point she presented a picture she had taken, showing a snowy (flat) landscape with some bare trees scattered across the frame (she was complaining about the snow, too). The picture looked bland and boring and to be perfectly honest, if I had taken that image I would have deleted it in camera mere seconds after its creation. I told her that she needed a stronger composition to start with, but she was adamant that the fault lay entirely with the landscape surrounding her.

When it rains

I happen to live in a place that is quite flat as well, the highest point within a 80 kilometer radius is 450 meters high and takes approximately 1 hour to get to by car. So, basically, I’m in the same boat as this fellow photographer, aren’t I? Instead of snow we had literally months of rain (and no seascape to go with it) and with the days being rather short at the same time there was next to no opportunity to take any pictures at all. I was desperately hoping for some snow instead of rain, because snow I can work with. There was no snow to be had, nada, zilch. So what is a landscape photographer supposed to do with their time?

I for one brushed up on my Photoshop skills, studied some techniques of other (more successful) photographers, made plans for the summer (Lake District, I’m coming!), sold some gear (and bought some more awesome gear) and so on. In a nutshell, I was preparing for the time when I would be able to head out again and hammer that shutter button (as if that would ever happen).

Then the snow came at last.

Winter is here

I got in the car and headed for Patensteig, Extertal with a picture in my mind already. A couple of weeks before I had bought some boots for wading in a shallow creek and that was exactly where I was headed now. I wasn’t alone, though, another photographer had the same idea and was scouting the site, taking pictures as he went. However, he didn’t have boots and had to shoot from the shore. Preparation is everything. I boldly stepped into the creek, set up my tripod and camera and took the shot.


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